Dummy dataset

  • Find this notebook at EpyNN/epynnlive/dummy_time/prepare_dataset.ipynb.

  • Regular python code at EpyNN/epynnlive/dummy_time/prepare_dataset.py.

Run the notebook online with Google Colab.

This notebook is part of the series on preparing data for Neural Network regression with EpyNN.

In addition to the topic-specific content, it contains several explanations about basics or general concepts in programming that are important in the context.

Note that elements developed in the following notebooks may not be reviewed herein:

What is a time series?

A time series is not a data type. It represents sequential data with respect to the dimension of time. Herein, we will work with sequential data containing numerical elements of the float data type.

Why preparing a dummy dataset with time features?

The general interest of dummy dataset is explained in dummy dataset with Boolean sample features.

Live examples

The function prepare_dataset() presented herein is used in the following live examples:

  • Notebook atEpyNN/epynnlive/dummy_time/train.ipynb or following this link.

  • Regular python code at EpyNN/epynnlive/dummy_time/train.py.